A Holistic Health Approach For Your Next Breakthrough

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I'm Tara -

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What comes to mind when you think about “getting healthy?”

To a lot of people the phrase assumes a weight loss goal or component. But that isn’t always the case – in fact, even the clients who begin with their immediate goal being weight loss, end up realizing that health + wellness is truly defined by so much more.

A Holistic Health Approach For Your Next Breakthrough

Taking a holistic approach considers layers and layers of lifestyle habits that equal your overall health. Sometimes the diet in place is sufficient and other areas need attention in order to move the needle. 

This is why it’s considered a journey. And then once it’s been practiced for a long period of time fairly consistently, and it is believed to be apart of your identity, it’s then adopted as a lifestyle. That’s the end goal for me as a coach. And that is taking a Holistic Health Approach For Your Next Breakthrough.

The side effects of a holistic health practice are far greater and much more valuable than the shorter term goals. Those short term goals are important to ignite your motivation and seeing or feeling results of course help you stay the course, but you’ll know you’re on the right path when you begin to realize this journey is really about much more than how you look on the outside.


It’s about your total health. Holistic Health.


Your mind – the thoughts you think and the self-correcting that happens.

Your body – how you feel when you wake up and your energy throughout the day.

Your soul – your happiness, contentment, and ability to be present.

When this alignment happens, the food piece naturally falls into place because you’ve learned along the way….

  • what doesn’t serve you
  • what makes you feel good vs not great
  • what indulgences are worth it — and under which conditions
  • who and what drains your energy
  • how to set and keep boundaries
  • how to get back on track or re-align
  • to trust yourself 
  • to listen to your body
  • to trust your intuition 
  • to trust the process


Once you have a taste of how good you can feel, how in-tune you can be, and how that impacts the other areas of your life, it’s no longer only about food.

And that’s what we’re after.


xx, Tara

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Hi, I'm Tara.

  • BSBA in Marketing, University of Denver, 2005 | Division 1 Athlete
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