I think it's time to     
& leave your comfort zone. 

Are you tired of the cycle of feeling motivated for a while only to be dragged down (again) by that thing we call a "comfort zone?" When things get a little uncomfortable, you (unknowingly) self-sabotage and slide back into your old ways which leaves you feeling frustrated + disappointed. Let's change that with coaching.


I think it's time to                 
& leave your comfort zone.

Hey, You:


COaching intensive

1:1, weekly, high-touch coaching for 6 months. This is for breaking barriers.

Accountability coaching

Monthly calls & voxer to keep you accountable so you reach your goals.

digital course

Self-paced, 6-module digital course for Perimenopause.





The information and guidance women in Perimenopause deserve. 

A self-paced, digital course for women in Perimenopause who are tired of the gaslighting, frustration, and who are ready for real results. Follow my system and feel better by next month.



A 3 month minimum commitment with monthly coaching calls catered to your personal frustrations, blocks, and goals. Voxer access for in between sessions to ensure you're on track.

Accountability Coaching

I'm ready!

6 months, weekly coaching calls and Voxer access. High-touch and engagement so you can finally leave excuses behind and become the person you truly wish to be.

Coaching Intensive

This      for you if:

You're tired of feeling stuck

you just like to complain, but don't really want to do the work

You're ready to invest in yourself

you'd rather stay stuck

you're ready for real results

It's probably        for you if...

You're ok with being frustrated




Breakthrough like Krista

"Tara helped me get to some deep rooted issues that surrounded my relationship with food."

I now approach the way I eat much differently - I am more thoughtful of what I am eating and why.  I also understand that it's not just the food that I am eating but how I am feeling that determines how my body will receive the nutrients.  I would not be where I am today without Tara's guidance and support over this past year.

Get grounded like Barbara

"This experience was life-changing."

Tara has been able to assist in ways I never believed were possible through coaching. Before meeting with Tara, I struggled with developing a healthy relationship with food and fitting a healthy lifestyle into my busy schedule.  I am extremely grateful for this process and strongly believe others can find the help they need from Tara. 

This could be you....

Feel Confident like Rachel

"I'm the healthiest (and slimmest!) I've been since college."

Tara is understanding, full of knowledge and resources and has given me the tools to help me rediscover my life goals and what is best for my overall health. 


Action always gets rewarded.

No one ever wishes they waited. There are limited 2024 coaching spaces available and we start in April. Enough wasting time. Use code LEVELUP to save 15% on coaching packages until March 20th.