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It’s important to look back and realize all of the things that had to happen to put you where you are — good or bad. It’s just a series of thoughts and choices made over time. But did you know, you can learn to manifest like a pro?

How She Started To Manifest What She Wanted

A client of mine put it on paper months ago that she wanted to grow her business — she had a small condo that she would operate out of and used it as a landing zone for her team. Covid hit and her team was remote, but she worked out of the condo and kept documents there. That system worked pretty well, as I think many companies have found the same with remote employees. But her vision for her business was still evolving in her mind.

Fast forward a year or so and she hired me to work with her again. We talked a lot about her dreams and goals for her personal and professional life. We got specific with what she wanted it to feel like — we didn’t discuss the how too much when it came to her business. Instead, we put in place some new habits and strategies to deal with ongoing stress and focused in on making space for this life she envisioned and becoming the type of person who lived that lifestyle she was dreaming about. She kept that feeling she was after close and that kept her motivated and consistent.

One of the new habits she picked up was walking with a friend in the morning before work several days a week. They started in the New Year. Didn’t matter how cold it was — they walked. They walked for their health, but they also bounced ideas off of each other, kept each other accountable, and deepened their friendship.

How Her Manifest Shows Up

Months later, her friend had an opportunity present itself to renovate an office building. She thought of my client immediately and boom! she has new office space for her team in close proximity to clients that will allow her to grow her team, foster a community, and take care of her business in the exact way she had imagined.

New office space wasn’t necessarily in her plan, but when the opportunity fell into her lap and the feeling aligned with her desires, she jumped. She couldn’t have planned it better herself. But taking small, consistent steps toward becoming the type of person she wanted to be created this opportunity for her.

If she hadn’t started walking with her friend and if they hadn’t remained consistent, her friend may not have thought of her for this opportunity.

And that, my friends, is why it is so important to hold onto the feeling that you desire – and from there you consult the person you are becoming with questions like, “what would a person who feels like this/has this/ do?”

And you don’t always need to know the how — it will present itself as long as you don’t give up on that feeling you’re after. 💫 And that’s how to manifest like a pro.


xx, Tara

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Hi, I'm Tara.

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